Just Hanging Out on the Wall - Masonry Rainscreens

December 16, 2020
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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We will discuss Masonry Veneer Rainscreens and the wide variety of potential uses for them including new and renovation applications. We will cover how to meet the requirements of the Energy Code when utilizing these assemblies.

Specifically we will focus on:

• Clipped or Anchored Back Drained and Ventilated Rainscreen Applications (Sealed or Open)

• Identify Rainscreen wall design systems that are applicable for the particular building design, climate, codes etc… (i.e. Energy Code (ASHRAE 90.1/IECC/SB-10) compliant wall assemblies)

• continuous insulation requirements versus the U-value of the assembly and how they’re different

• The benefits of rainscreen for Retrofit Applications

• The versatility of masonry rainscreens (soffits, battered walls, barrel vaults, cantilevers etc…)