Changing Landscape of Thin Adhered Masonry Veneers

March 10, 2021
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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We will discuss Thin Adhered Masonry Veneer and the wide variety of potential uses for them including new and renovation applications. We will cover how to meet the requirements of the Energy Code when utilizing these assemblies.

Specifically, we will focus on:

• Adhered masonry veneers both exterior and interior

• Super flexible polymer fortified mortars and cement board and why the metal lath and scratch coat adhered veneer method is inferior and a thing of the past

• How we can meet Miami/Dade County as well as NFPA-285 wall construction requirements with these new systems and approaches

• Understanding the mechanisms of adhered veneer failures of the past and how new systems address and eliminate these concerns

• The differences between barrier walls, drainage plane walls, and insulated drainage plane walls

• How to achieve an Energy Code (ASHRAE 90.1/IECC/SB-10) compliant wall design even when using an adhered veneer

• Continuous insulation and the use of Insulated Concrete Board panels for adhered veneers

• Retrofit Applications

REGISTER HERE: register/7296210040155090955