Masonry Special Inspections

July 30, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Clancy & Theys Construction Co
11830 Fishing Point Dr # 201
Newport News, VA 23606
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Presentaton Highlights
• What Special Inspectons are required by the MASONRY CODE? – TMS 402/602
• What do the quality assurance Levels A, B and C of masonry special inspectons REALLY mean?
• FREQUENCY of Masonry Field Testng & Inspecton according to the CODE
• What masonry inspectons are contnuous and which ones are periodic?
• Are progress samples required during constructon to determine if CMU comply with CODE?
• All masonry specifcatons require ASTM C 780 Unit Strength tests. What does this mean?
• WHEN does the CODE require masonry FIELD TESTING every 5,000 SQUARE FEET of masonry?
• WHEN does the masonry CODE stpulate CONTINUOUS and PERIODIC inspecton tasks?
• Most masonry sands do not comply with ASTM C 144, “Specifcaton for Masonry Sand” – Now What?
• Masonry mortar has to comply with ASTM C 270 during constructon – How do you verify this?
• Current IBC CODE requires SPECIAL INSPECTOR to VERIFY compliance with APPROVED submitals
• Changes in verbiage of new ASTM C90 result in major CODE changes and CMU evaluaton


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