A Field Sketching Primer

April 24, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Drawing is Architecture’s oldest ‘technology’. As new tools and technologies bombard us, we need to remember more than ever drawing’s essential value in our creative process. Field sketching represents perhaps the most accessible means to keep these skills alive and honed and a key part of our toolkit. But how many of us sketch regularly?? Reboot needed! The goal of this presentation is to refamiliarize us with the basic components - and fun - of field sketching. From subject and media selection to layout shortcuts and technique analysis the talk features sketches and case studies from a range of accomplished illustrators demonstrating these varied tools and topics. And then ready, set, draw! From six feet apart of course!

 Learning Objectives:

1. Through case studies better understand the subject range and potential communication value of subject selection in field sketching.
2. Understand media and material options available and their specific advantages and disadvantages.
3. Apply various layout and perspective shortcuts commonly used in field sketching.
4. Understand and apply value, line and color based drawing approaches and a wide range of graphic techniques commonly used in field sketching.
Presented by: Wesley L. Page, FAIA of Hanbury