TODAY - Special Inspections and Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete

May 14, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Presentaton Highlights
• Two chapters of ACI 318-14 Code are the same as previous ones; what about the other 25?
• Where are required special inspectons listed? ACI 318-14 or the IBC Code?
• ACI 318-14 deleted ACI 318-11 verbiage on concrete mix what?
• When conficts occur between ACI 318-14 and referenced standards, who rules?
• What projects actually require special inspectons according to the Code?
• What about the new Code opton to the producer to get a concrete mix approved?
• ACI 318-14 is specifc about what items belong in contract documents - where?
• ACI 301, artcle 4.2.3 stpulates concrete mix it mandatory?
• Old ACI 318 durability chapter 4 has been deleted...where is this verbiage now?
• Sampling and testng concrete in the feld - what does the new code require?
• Adhesive anchors...ACI 318-14 and ACI 355.4-11 clears everything up!
• ACI 318-14 Chapter 19 “Design and Durability” ofers exposure concrete class answers
• Should the building contractor be required to understand and interpret the Code?
• What should inspecton test reports contain? Where does the Code address this?