Pushing The Envelope - Continuous Insulation Solutions for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneers

November 04, 2020
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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T-Clear was the first company to mass produce concrete board and was ahead of their time with the creation of Insulated Concrete Board Panels as far back as a decade ago. T-Clear’s foresight has allowed the ProGUARD DP® Insulated Concrete Board Panels to be adopted and used across North America over those years, and they are revolutionizing the thin adhered masonry veneer world, helping the industry, architects, designers, GC’s and installers meet the ever-changing wall cladding construction landscape as a result of the Energy Codes.

Topics Covered: We will discuss and explore Engineered and Tested Continuous Insulation (CI) solutions for thin adhered masonry veneers to meet the requirements of the Energy Code anywhere in North America

Specifically, we will focus on:

• Understanding Insulated Concrete Board Panels and their benefits and advantages and why we need insulated concrete board in todays world

• How to achieve an Energy Code (ASHRAE 90.1/IECC/SB-10) compliant wall design when using an adhered masonry veneer installed over Insulated Concrete Board Panels to meet Continuous Insulation (CI) requirements

• The mechanisms of adhered masonry veneer failures of the past and how insulated concrete boards and new polymer fortified mortar systems address and eliminate these concerns

• General wall construction with insulated concrete board panels and thin adhered veneers

• Fire Resistance and NFPA-285 compliance with insulated concrete board panels (when foam plastic insulations are being used)